Half Marathon Training: 6 Weeks To Go!

This week had so good day and some bad days.  I manged to get a sub 1 hr time on my 10k!!!(recap coming soon)  Which was super duper exciting.  I also loved the interval workout I did.  The bad(or not so good day) was when I decided to run home with a heavy backpack and ended up walking about 6 mi home.  It was not very fun and the whole time I wished I would have just done another interval workout on the treadmill.  But I’m happy I did it although I will never do it again.  I also halfway through training!!!  Woo-hoo!!  Here was my training schedule for this week:

Monday: Interval Training Workout(3 min walk, 5 min pace run->3 min walk(x3), 3 min walk)(pace run at 9:05)

Tuesday: Cross Training

Wednesday: 4 mi->4.25 mi

Thursday: 4 mi->5.57 mi walk

Friday: Cross Training

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: 10k!!

This week I have a relatively easy plan.  I’m only running 3 times because the 10k on Sunday messed up my schedule.  I have a 10-12 mi planned but may end up being 14 mi(hopefully if I feel good) where I will be testing out the new fuel I just got.  Must practice for the half!  Plus it will be nice to do a kinda test half to test out fuel and my time.  Here is my schedule:

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 8×400 5k pace

Wednesday: Cross Training

Thursday: 4-5 mi

Friday: Rest or Yoga

Saturday: 10-12 mi

Sunday: Rest

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