Life Update

I know I’ve been MIA with posts other than Half Marathon training  and I am so sorry.  My life has been hectic lately with APs and the half marathon and school.  I’ve been really overwhelmed and had no time to anything but study and workout.  Now I’m alittle better off because APs are over and my classes are starting to warm down in preparation for finals.  This means that I’ll have more time to post!  My creative juices have began to flow and I have so many ideas.  I’m also planning a huge summer haul so watch out for a twofer post, one about how to shop smart and one with everything I bought.  I’m planning to go to a Goodwill for the first time ever and plan on buying a ton of cheap stuff and DIY a ton of it.  I’ve been watching youtube videos and have tons of inspiration.

I’m also starting cross country training this week and will be doing a post with my schedule later this week.  After the half marathon all I can think about is doing it again and beating my time.  I plan on doing another one in April of next year and maybe doing a triathlon in June of July of that year. I know know, slow down focus on cross country training but I can’t help it.

I also know that I stopped updating Beach Body Bootcamp and I am so sorry for those who were following it.  I think I might do a 4 week challenge and then have assorted challenges until September.  What do you guys think of that?  The 4 week challenge will be just like Beach Body Bootcamp but shorter and will have guidelines and workout instructions.  It will be slightly based off of my cross country training but your form of cardio will be determined by you(mine is running).

Do you guys have any requests for posts?  What do you think about a 4 week challenge?  How have you all been doing?

2 thoughts on “Life Update

  1. Hey love your fitness posts! Very impressive! With the organization and motivation you show here, you’ll be able to take yourself wherever you want to go in life. Don’t let anyone try to stop you!
    Just a little suggestion about Goodwill. I’ve been an on and off shopper there for years, especially during college and grad school but I ran into problems at one point because of clothes moths. They can lay microscopic eggs in clothes and you don’t even know they’re there until the holes start showing up. Don’t let me discourage you from your inspired ideas but just be smart about your shopping. Whatever you buy, don’t let them sit with your other clothes until you’ve made sure they don’t have moths. This is the most helpful website I found on the subject.

    • I know this is a late response but thank you so much for this information. I ended up not going to Goodwill because they were closed but I will definitely use this in the future. I knew there could be gross stuff in the clothing but moths! Ewwwwww. It would so freak me out if I started to see holes in my clothing.

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