Hot Bod 4 Week Challenge(Prize info included!)

SG in Bikini 3 edit

Summer’s just about here and I know I’m not ready for it.  But that’s okay because for the next 4 weeks both you and me will be busting our butts to get in awesome shape.  I have a list of guidelines that you can pick and choose which ones you want to follow. The ones I stress that you do are closer to the top of the list.  The challenge will run from June 2 to June 29.  I recommend not weighing yourself till the very end so that you will not be disappointed.  Base your results on how you feel and how your clothes fit for a better indication. Personally I will be following all these guidelines and I will hopefully show you my results.  The guidelines are:

  1. Clean diet
  2. 3L+ of water daily
  3. Keep food log
  4. Cardio 6x
  5. Strength Training 3x
  6. Lots of fruits and veggies
  7. One cheat meal a week
  8. 1 green tea a day
  9. Around 100 grams of protein a day
  10. Eat nothing with added flour or sugar(nothing processed!)
  11. Keep carbs around 100g
  12. Cut off time for eating(mine is 7 pm)

As you can see the guidelines are hard but you have to work for what you want.  I will be posting challenge friendly workouts and recipes on my new instagram(@thehautebunny) so I suggest following.  And on my twitter(@hautebunnie) I will be posting my daily intake.  If you post anything about the challenge please tag it #hotbod4challenge so I can see.(You might just see your post on my blog in the future)  I will do a weekly update post each week that will have a new challenge.  This week’s challenge is to create a daily affirmation such “I am beautiful”.  It doesn’t have to be those words exactly but I do want you all to tell yourselves how wonderful you are each and everyday.  Post your affirmation on twitter or instagram and tag it!  The more creative, the more points!

PS.  This challenge has a prize!  I will be giving away a $15 itunes gift card to the highest participating player(the more posts you tag, the higher chance you have of winning).  It will also be based on a short response to how the challenge helped you on the final post for the 4 week challenge on June 29.  I will be using to help me choose.  To win you also have to be following my blog, instagram and twitter.  So get tagging and posting!!

Are you guys excited to start?  What is your daily affirmation?  Mine is “I am amazing and no can tell me different”.

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