Hot Bod 4 Week Challenge: Week 1 Review

SG in Bikini 3 edit

I hope Week 1 was awesome for all those that participated.  Week 1 was not very good for me though.  I ate food I wasn’t suppose to eat and didn’t workout. My cop out is school’s almost over for me and I have to do projects and study for finals but I still should have done better.

This week I’m gonna try and start insanity and continue running and eating healthy.  I’m going on vacation in 8 weeks so it’s crunch time.  I hate being unhealthy and not working out, I feel so lazy and gross.  Here is my workout schedule(but it is subject to change):

Monday: Insanity

Tuesday: Insanity

Wednesday: 3 mi

Thursday: Insanity

Friday: 3 mi or Insanity

Saturday: 4 mi

I’m not running alot this week because number 1, it’s gonna be raining a lot and number 2 I’m starting back slowly because I haven’t ran that much since the half marathon.  My diet will be kinda like this:

Breakfast: Protein Pancake/Waffle with Fruit

Lunch: Lettuce Wrap with Nuts and Veggies

Snack: Greek Yogurt with Fruit and Nuts

Dinner: Whatever my Mommy makes

Snack 2: Apple w/ Peanut Butter

I’ll have a few of these recipes on my instagram during the week.  This week’s challenge is to try a new healthy challenge-friendly recipe and post it on my facebook page, my twitter or my instagram.

How was this week for you guys?  

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