In Which the Protagonist Begins to Workout Again…

Today was my first day of working out in weeks.  I have many excuses for why I have not worked out:

  • School was ending
  • Finals
  • Stress
  • It was hot out
  • I’ll workout tomorrow
  • I’m perfectly happy with being unhealthy
  • and many many more

But the main reason includes the following:

  • I’m lazy

I am very very lazy and once I stop working out, that’s it.  But…today was my first day back!  I may have overdone it though.  I ran walked roughly 2.6 mi(give me a break ok, you lose alot of endurance and leg strength after weeks off) and I also did Tae Bo(side note: Tae Bo sent me Tae Bo: Bootcamp Shred, a tank top and shorts!  I will be doing a review on all of them soon.  Thank you Tae Bo!).  The run was 20% good, 5% awesome, 40% bearable and 35% awful.  My knees were killing me and all the cars decided to be out on the road this morning.  It was hot too.  But I did it and finished, painfully. I then proceeded to wait an hour and do Tae Bo(hint: this doesn’t end well).  Tae Bo is no joke ok.  He makes you punch, kick and jump, in fancy painful combinations.  Needless to say, I was dying for most of it but it was a good workout.  Here is the proof of my tiresome feat:

Those egg whites were amazing.  Number one tip for getting healthy: learn to season your food.  Trust me, egg whites alone are awful, but with some seasoned salt, pepper, onion powder and garlic powder they are so good.  I am ridiculously excited for breakfast tomorrow.

The rest of today was spent doing a DIY on a tank top(post coming soon) and watching Futurama on Netflix.  Side note:  Futurama is amazing and if you haven’t watched it you should.  Dr. Zoidberg is my favorite character.


I’ve also been looking into doing a NPC bikini competition.  It’ll take alot of work but I love competition and I need something to work towards.  Who doesn’t want to look like this:

My plan is to lose a good amount of fat this summer, during cross country do strength training in the morning and practice in the afternoon, then in November and maybe some of December start weight training and then start training for the actual competition at the end of December and compete in March/April.  Before my goal was to do a half marathon and now that I’ve done that, I need a new long term goal.  I think this goal will be a perfect one for me to really focus on my body and get it to the point I’ve always wanted.

I know I need to lose alot of weight and gain muscle to get competition ready but I have 9-10 months to get there.  If any of you have experience with competing please comment!  I can use all the help I can get.

Also this is a more personal post where I kinda just ramble and I’m curious if you guys like these kinds of post?  Leave your opinion in the comments!

2 thoughts on “In Which the Protagonist Begins to Workout Again…

  1. At age 49 I just competed in my second OCB Figure Competion. Getting ready was one of the hardest things that I have ever done, but also one of the most rewarding. In the last two years I’ve gone from 180 lbs and 38.5 percent body fat to 130 lbs (competition weight) and 13 percent body fat. If competing is a goal I strongly encourage you to go for it!

    • That is so inspiring, you are truly amazing. I hope to be doing things like that when I’m that age. I can’t wait to start training and thank you for your blessing 🙂

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