4 Looks I’m Lusting

I was just looking through my posts and found that I haven’t done a fashion post in about 3 months!  My immediate thought was this has got to change.  I was looking through fashion blogs(because that’s what I do in my free time, don’t judge) and found this awesome blog called stylecaffeinated and fell in love with her “4 looks I’m lusting” series and wanted to do something similar.  So without further ado, here are the 4 looks I’m lusting and my shopping picks(click on the shopping picks picture for all the products).

Leopard and Lace

 The tie front leopard print shirt, lace white maxi skirt(with the slip cut), aviator sunglasses, black nail polish and black quilted bag with a little midriff gives a sexy laid back, yet classy look.

Get the Look: My Shopping Picks

Black Lace and Leopard

The leopard cardigan, black lace shorts,  black suede wedges, white loose tank top and cross necklace is edgy and chic at the same time.

Get the Look: My Shopping Picks

Classy Cowgirl

The cropped button up w/ tie, high waisted distressed shorts, cowboy boots, long shoulder bag and fancy bib necklace give a cowgirl glam look.

Get the Look: My Shopping Picks

Gold and Tribal

The black bustier, tribal print boycon skirt, black and gold belt, gold chain chunky necklace and spike bracelet give an edgy party look.

Get the Look: My Shopping Picks

I really loved making this post and hope you guys like them.  I’m thinking about making this a weekly or biweekly feature, what do you guys think?  All the looks were found on pintrest so if you not following me there get to it!

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