Spring Run 10k Race Recap

Yesterday I ran my first 10k!  It was such an awesome experience and I can’t wait to race again.  My mother was in charge of pictures this time and she was not very good with it so I have no pictures from the actual race on my camera.  But I have 2 from her phone so I might add those later.  I do have pictures from the morning though so I’ll picture-walk(I just coined the term) you through the day.

SF Spring Run 10k pics 001

I had my alarm set for 6:45 so I could chug 2 bottles of water and then go back to bed.  The time I actually woke up was around 8:40 and I went to the bathroom and got my breakfast of cereal and a bottle of water. Continue reading

Half Marathon Training: 9 Weeks to Go!

It is so weird to see only single digits left.  I’m slowly getting more and more excited for the race.  This week I’m gonna start thinking about my costume.  I know it’s a superhero race but I kinda want to dress like someone from Doctor Who because I consider them superheros.  On that note, who is your favorite superhero?  I would love suggestions.  This week I also had like one of my worst 3 mi runs.  I had terrible shin splints and I had to stop once because an old lady asked for directions.  But also, my 10k was awesome!(more detailed account tomorrow)  I also hit 102 mi for this year this week!!!  So excited.  I don’t have a mileage goal for 2013 but it’s still nice to see how far I’m come.  Here was my schedule for this week: Continue reading

Half Marathon Training: 11 Weeks to Go!

This week of running was awesome!  I ran outside a bunch and learned alot about my mental strength.   I completed every run and increased the distance on three of them.  After every run I feel like I’m getting stronger and will be able to complete this half marathon.  I’m starting to think about getting gear to help with my running.  I know that I’m gonna get a Nike Sports Band at the end of March because I want to be able to track pace and distance during my runs.  I’m also thinking about getting a hydration belt and how I plan on fueling my long run(1 hr+).  If any of you have any tips or tricks please leave them in the comments, I can use all the help I can get.  Here is was my schedule for this week: Continue reading

OOTD + I ran 6.2 miles!!

Today I wore a red 3/4 sleeve shirt, blue jean vest, leather jeans, black scarf and black furry wedges.  I felt kind of  rocker chic with a soft edge.

I also ran 6.2 mi on the treadmill this weekend while watching Thor.  It felt awesome and I can’t wait to hit 7.  I’m running a 5k  on Saturday(going to have a recap on Sunday) and got the bib and extra things but ended up getting the wrong bib.  I’m gonna try and get my dad to switch it out tomorrow or change it at the race.

For the past few weeks I’ve been having pains in my foot when walking but not running.  I really want to get rid of the pain so I’m icing it but I’ve decided that if it’s not mostly gone by the last week of February then I can’t run the half marathon in May.  I’m really hoping it goes away because I’ve already started working on a training program for the 12 weeks before the race.

On a last and exciting note, I was featured on Be in Style’s Best of the Web!  Check out the post here.  So flattered to have been chosen and loved working with them.

New York Fashion Week starts on tomorrow.  What shows do you want me to cover?  Do you want me to stick with trends of each collection?  What do you guys want to see?  Leave it in the comments!

OOTD+I ran 3.5 miles!

This was my outfit today and can you tell I love it?  I am without a photographer so I placed the camera on the piano and set the timer to 10 seconds.  I’d say they came out pretty good for a first try.  I’m wearing a black camisole, blue armani exchange sweater jacket, black leather pants and wedge fuzzy booties.  I just posted these on lookbook and pose:thehautebunny(ps follow me!).

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Countdown to Christmas: Final Week Review and Weigh In

This week was better than last week.  I lost weight and ate alittle better.  I also followed the 10k training program and can now run 3.1 miles straight!  Huge accomplishment for me.  The whole time I just kept thinking of how fat me would have quick after 5 minutes but here I was so close to finishing.  Sometimes you have to be your own motivation.  Also the Matrix was so that help too.(PS.Awesome movie, if you haven’t seen you have to immediately!)

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