Half Marathon Training: 7 Weeks To Go!

This week was amazing!!  I did every workout and ran my first 24 mi week(first 20+ week too).  It was also spring break so I had extra time to walk after some of the easy workouts to add some mileage for the week.  I also ran 10 mi straight for the first time ever.  I was suppose to do 8 mi at most but felt amazing and just couldn’t stop.  And the funny things is for the first 2 mi of the run I kept thinking about stopping.  But I didn’t and I completed something that I could of never dreamed of doing a year ago.  I have accomplished so much and I need to let that push me to go farther.  I also did that run with no fuel what’s so ever.  But after the run, my dad took me to the running store and bought me so many things!  Here a picture: Continue reading

Beach Body Bootcamp: 3rd Weigh In and Next Weeks Schedule

Above is my workout plan for the next 4 weeks to get super hot but links and lists can be found in this post.  I also went  shopping today and it was awesome!  I bought so much stuff and did not at all stick to the plan.  But I bought so much cute stuff and will post all of it tomorrow.  A sneak peak picture can be found here: Continue reading