Fashion and Makeup for a Quinceañera Guest

Last week I was searching the internet trying to find out what to wear for a Quinceañera but had very little luck.  I took some of the basic tips that I found and transformed them  into my own style.  The Quinceañera I’m going to is in the early fall (September) so all the outfits will reflect the what I think I would be appropriate in that kind of weather.  I have also included a simple makeup look for the party at night.

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Picture Inspired Makeup Look

I saw this picture today and fell in love.  I tried to recreate it as best as I could and I think it came out pretty well.  Here’s my finished look:

I know it doesn’t look the same it was my best shot.  It’s more purple but swhat can you do.  Yes, I did blur out my eyebrows but trust me, you did not wanna see that mess.  Here’s how you do my take on this look:

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