Half Marathon Training: 11 Weeks to Go!

This week of running was awesome!  I ran outside a bunch and learned alot about my mental strength.   I completed every run and increased the distance on three of them.  After every run I feel like I’m getting stronger and will be able to complete this half marathon.  I’m starting to think about getting gear to help with my running.  I know that I’m gonna get a Nike Sports Band at the end of March because I want to be able to track pace and distance during my runs.  I’m also thinking about getting a hydration belt and how I plan on fueling my long run(1 hr+).  If any of you have any tips or tricks please leave them in the comments, I can use all the help I can get.  Here is was my schedule for this week: Continue reading

Countdown to Christmas: Final Week Review and Weigh In

This week was better than last week.  I lost weight and ate alittle better.  I also followed the 10k training program and can now run 3.1 miles straight!  Huge accomplishment for me.  The whole time I just kept thinking of how fat me would have quick after 5 minutes but here I was so close to finishing.  Sometimes you have to be your own motivation.  Also the Matrix was so that help too.(PS.Awesome movie, if you haven’t seen you have to immediately!)

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