C’mon Let Me Ride Your Bicycle

I know that song is inappropriate but whenever I think of bicycles, I think of that song.  It’s catchy and poppy and it has Eminem in it!  Now to the actual post, what do you wear on bike?  Actually, better yet, what do you wear around a bicycle?  When thinking of ideas for the most recent IFB project, I came up with three outfits from the inspiration photos listed below.

The Vintage Flirt

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Beach Body Bootcamp 2013

BB Bootcamp 2013 edit

Welcome to the Beach Body Bootcamp Challenge.  This challenge is for anybody of any level and age.  It’s a heath/fitness/weight loss challenge.  This is an 12 week challenge in which our goal is to get a beach ready body.  It starts on March 18th and ends June 8th.  This is my second year doing this challenge and would love for it to be as successful this year as it was last year.

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Summer Beauty 101

The summer is upon us and the heat is making us sweat.  We cringe at the thought of our makeup melting off in the heat.  Well I have a few beauty tips and tricks I’ve learned that are sure to make this summer a great one.

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Beach Body Bootcamp Diet/Workout Plan: Phase 1

Beach Body Bootcamp Diet/Workout Plan: Phase 1

Beach Body Bootcamp officially starts tomorrow!  Here, I will be outlining all the workout in the picture and explaining some of the changes in the challenge.

Swimsuits for your Body Shape

In honor of the first day of June, I decided to make a post dedicated to swimsuits for your body shape.

How to Determine your Body Shape

  • Shoulders, waist and hips are about the same width = Rectangle
  • Waist is wider than hips and shoulders = Apple (sometimes referred to as an Oval)
  • Shoulders are narrower than hips (or measurements get larger from top to bottom) = Pear (also referred to as Triangle)
  • Shoulders and waist are about the same width but waist is smaller =Hourglass
  • Shoulders are wider than hips = Inverted (or Upside down) Triangle (not pictured)


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