Spring Trend Alert: Mint!

Mint has been super popular lately and I can see why.  It’s perfect for spring because of how light and pastel the color is and it has a the ability to make a soft statement.  I love pairing mint with gold and nude and that will be reflected in my styling.  I just think that they are the perfect combination of colors to give a light, airy and flirty look.  In this post, I have styled mint jeans, a mint dress and mint shoes. Continue reading

Trend Alert: Black and White!

The newest trend this season is black and white!  We’ve seen it on the runways and we’ve seen it on the celebs, and now it’s your turn.  There are so many ways to wear black and white but my personal favorite is the black and white dresses.  Not only can they be super stylish, but they can also be super flattering.  Try out one of the many of the options I have in the collage(find the links to the actual dresses on my polyvore) or google black and white dresses and thousands will come up.  Make this trend your own and add accessories to really personalize it.

Which is your favorite black and white dress from the collage?  Do you have any of your own favorite dresses(post a link!)?  Leave it in the comments!!

Trend Alert: Bodysuits!

This piece of clothing is one of the weirdest ones I’ve seen.  The first time I saw one I thought it was a really skimpy piece of clothing that only go go dancers wore.  But it turns out, many women wear it.  It like a bathing suit but most have a clip at the crotch to go to the bathroom.  Most times it’s with some sort of bottom and the plus to this instead of a shirt is it eliminates the likelihood of anyone seeing your undies all day.  The problem is many women don’t know how to what is it or how to wear it.  Here I’ve created 4 different outfits that include a bodysuit that can be used for just about anyone you buy.

Continue reading