Quick Style Tip: Under Camis!

When wearing sweaters in the winter, you may sometimes get what I call a draft when lifting your arms or moving around alot.  I have found the perfect way to combat this.  Try wearing a camisole under your sweaters!  Tuck it into your pants and you kill two birds with one stone, no sees your panties(I see London I see France) and you keep warm all day, even when moving around alot.

Philipp Plein Fall/Winter 2013 Menswear

Let me start off this post saying that I don’t really follow menswear.  I usually don’t find it very interesting and like women’s fashion so much better.  But I have to say that Philipp Plein is officially one of my favorite designers.  His designs are very out there and eccentric but I loved the theme of his fall/winter 2013 collection.  It was mismatched but it all came together.  I also have to say that when watching this collection the runway on youtube I was weirded out at first but as the looks came out I began to love it more and more.  Here is the entire collection on the runway and here is a full slideshow of the looks.  Here are some of my favorite looks:

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Quick Style Tip: Statement Scarves!

So we’ve all heard of statement pieces of clothing and jewelry so what about statement scarves?  All winter I’ve been wearing scarves and learned that scarves can take a boring outfit to exciting.  When I’m having a blah day and just want to wear something plain I make sure to pair it with a crazy scarf and I instantly have a cute fashionable outfit.

Submitted to IFB Project #78

My Boring Life + Hot Chocolate Oatmeal

This is the first of my “personal” posts on my blog so bear with me.

Let me just give you a background to what’s going on in my life right now so you have some context.  I am currently a high school student, I live with my parents and sister and I’m trying to lose weight.  I’m also alittle insane with some habits so just a warning.

Ok, so this is last week of fall fashion for me.  To explain, I wear certain clothes in increments during season changes.  So,  for example I have these adorable booties that I won’t wear to school until next week because next week starts winter fashion.

One outfit I wore this week was this one:

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