My 2013 New Years Resolutions! Mid Year Revisit

I looked at another blog today and saw that she revisits her goals every month.  And them I realized that it was halfway through the year and I hadn’t looked at my resolutions in months!  So here is my New Year’s Resolutions Mid Year Revisit!

             1.  Grow My Blog: This blog is like my baby and I want it to grow over this new year.  I want more quality posts showcasing my ability to style and forecast trends.

So far I’ve been doing well with this one.  When school got really crazy I was only making one post a week but it was better than none.  Since school has been out, I’m making posts more frequently and better quality so I give this one a check!

             2.  Purchase materials to make this blog better: And to make this blog more profession I want to purchase a domain name.

I’m going to get a domain name really soon!  Right now I’m just grieving over my lost .com domain and debating if I want to get a .net domain name or just create a new name to get a .com domain.  What do you guys think?

             3.  Connect with 1 Brand: I want to start working with one brand this year and maybe host a giveaway!

So far I’ve connected with 3 brands this year!  Only two have come through and I’m still waiting on the third but I have blown this resolution out of the water.

             4.  Join a few Blogger Program: This includes Teen Vogue’s program, iFabbo, Next, theitsgirls, FitFluential and maybe some brands blogger programs.

I’m still working on this one!  I haven’t been posting any fashion posts until recently so I still want to wait until I’ve made a few more before I try and join a fashion or beauty blogger program.  I might join a fitness one soon though.

             5.  Get to a comfortable weight/body: I’ve been on this weight loss journey for so long and I’ve lost so much weight but I’ve gotten complacent.  I want to rev up this year and lose the rest of this weight and get to more comfortable with myself.

Forever working on this one, ugh.  I’ve gained weight and am super uncomfortable with my body now.  I’m trying to lose again now and hopefully it will stick this time.  By the end of the year, I want to be healthy again.

             6.  Get GPA to a 3.5: I had a 3.8 last year but I know it dropped from my grades last marking period.  I want to get it to at least a 3.5 by the end of the year.

Heck yes I got this one!!!  My year average was a 90% so right on the dot.   Now to try and keep this up while taking 4 APs next year.  Wish me luck!

             7.  Run a Half Marathon: My running has gotten a lot better these past few weeks and I want to eventually run a half marathon this year.  I’m thinking around September I’ll be ready.

Got this one!!!  I didn’t even wait until September, I got this one in May and it was an awesome experience.  Can’t wait to do it again.

             8.  Be more friendly: I’m very awkward around people I don’t normally talk to.  I hate it, so I’m going to try and change it.  I wanna be more friendly and talk to people more instead of just avoiding them.

I think I’ve been doing better at this one.  I met my friend’s boyfriend one day and I talked to him a lot instead of keeping silent.  But I will keep working on this one for the rest of the year.

             9.  Start work on Girl Scouts Gold Award: I really want to put this on my college resume so I have to start working on it soon.  I’m hoping to do something health and fitness related because that really is a passion of mine.

I have not been working on this one that much this year.  I have finished the first Journey though so I guess that’s progress.  I think I may start a series on the blog on my progress to keep me accountable on working on it.

             10.  Run a sub 25 min 5k: I plan on doing cross country this coming fall and it would be awesome to get a varsity letter(so I can get a varsity jacket).  But really I just want to prove to myself that I can run a 8 min mile for 3 mi.

I stopped running almost completely after the half so I haven’t been working on this one that much.  But cross country season starts in August and my current PR is 27:43 so I think I can get there if I work really hard.

I’m surprisingly really happy with my goals so far.  I’ve completed (or have made a lot of progress on) 6/10 which is over half at half of the year!  I am so happy I revisited them because now I know what I have work on for the rest of year.  How have you guys been doing on your New Year’s Resolutions?


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