Spring Run 10k Race Recap

Yesterday I ran my first 10k!  It was such an awesome experience and I can’t wait to race again.  My mother was in charge of pictures this time and she was not very good with it so I have no pictures from the actual race on my camera.  But I have 2 from her phone so I might add those later.  I do have pictures from the morning though so I’ll picture-walk(I just coined the term) you through the day.

SF Spring Run 10k pics 001

I had my alarm set for 6:45 so I could chug 2 bottles of water and then go back to bed.  The time I actually woke up was around 8:40 and I went to the bathroom and got my breakfast of cereal and a bottle of water. Continue reading


Cupid Chase 5k: Race Recap

On a February 23, 2013, I ran my second 5k(first one when I was young) and it was an amazing experience.  I had my dad take a bunch of pictures so I’m gonna give you a run through of the day with pictures.

Cupid Chase 5k and During 001 edit

The night before I laid out my clothes and bib.

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