Ask TheHauteBunny #1

I get tons of questions a week and I can’t answer all of them individually.   So I figure I can do this “Ask TheHauteBunny” segment whenever I get a certain amount of questions, I’ll answer them all at the same time.  So here is my first Ask TheHauteBunny!  Check to see if you question got answered.

What foods should I eat to help burn the fat away?

I actually researched this question for you!  I found tons of infographics.

Although I don’t agree with the good vs bad food debate(no food is good or bad, everything in moderation), I think this is an awesome inforgraphic for good foods to burn fat.  I also found these three links(1, 2, 3) with awesome information on which foods are good for fat burning and the science behind why they work.

What’s a good cleasning/detox diet?

For cleansning/detox diets, I don’t like the super restrictive diets.  I believe that if you’re eating healthy about 80-90% of the time then you’re fine.  But if you really feel the need to do a cleansing/detox than the Hot Bod Challenge(which makes you eat super clean and healthy), the Paleo Diet/Whole 30(I might do a Whole 30 challenge on this blog is September, what do you guys think?) or juicing fruits or veggies for a few days(watch this movie for a guy it worked well for) will work well.

Was the Brazilian Butt lift work-out one of your routines on how you lost inches on your thighs? If so, how long into your routine and work-out plan did it take you to start noticing results?

I did the BBL a few times when I was losing inches but I believe what helped me the most in losing inches was keeping my diet very healthy and making sure to incorporate a mixture of cardio and strength training(one of them was the BBL).  I can’t tell you exactly when I started seeing results in my legs but I wanna say maybe 2-3 months in.

How can I gain weight fast and be curvy?

This question always makes me take a step back because I have the opposite problem but it also puts body image into perceptive for me.  Everybody has insecurities whether you’re considered skinny or overweight.  But to answer your question, I recommend lifting heavy weights and eating alot more healthy calories.  I recommend inputting your information here and using one of the programs they recommend to you.   To get the curvy part, really work on increasing the size(by building muscle) on your upper body(shoulder and back) and lower body(butt, hips and thighs) to give you that hourglass shape(check out this link for more information on that).

If I am going to run / walk in addition to some of the exercises; do you recommend the cardio first or second? Some days I will be doing morning cardio then the exercises later in the day but when doing together, just curious which to do first? Or do you suggest cardio in between sets? I am referring to the Brazilian butt, hot body bootcamp & toned arms. I looked for HIT cardio but can’t find it.

Cardio vs strength training first is a huge debate in the fitness community.  I say do whatever is most comfortable for you, but I prefer to do my cardio first.  I have seen no real conclusive studies as to which is better so do what you want!  Doing cardio between sets is a great way to keep your heart rate up and burn more calories but again, it’s your choice if you want to do it that way.  And you should google HIIT cardio instead of HIT cardio, it stands for High Intensity Interval Training.

How long will it take me to see results?

I get this question so often I cannot even tell you.  It always starts with “Hi, I’m (height) and (weight) and I’m eating (whatever way) and doing this (workout).  How long will it take for me to see results?”  To put the answer simply, I have absolutely no idea.  I am not a nutritionist, personal trainer or doctor, I don’t know your medical history, body fat percentage and any other data to conclude what a specific program will do for your body.  I’m sorry but I can’t help you with this question.

My question is I am only 5’6 102lbs wanting to very much so gain and build more in my thigh and booty area… any suggestions to goaong wiwith this work out? I also joined a gym but haven’t started yet bc I never have been one bebefore and don’t want to walk up in there clueless and looking stupid not knowing what to do and what not to do.

I definitely recommend  going to .  Search the website, look at workout programs and research.  Also check out the answer to the “how to gain weight and get curvy” question for more advice.

I came across your tummy workout page and was wondering if you had any tips on a good meal plan?

I can’t give you an exact meal plan because I don’t know what nutrients you need or how many calories but this websites is awesome for that.

(Regarding the BBL workout) So my question is, for yourself when did you notice results? Also if anyone has contacted you with success how long was the average time it took people to see results? Does this increase the size of your butt, or just tone it, or both? Will it take longer if I am not doing cardio with it? And last question, is this recommended 3x a day, 3x a week?

I didn’t do this workout exclusively or consistently so I can’t answer that question.  And I would say the average is maybe 1-2 months.  The answer to the third question is it depends on how your eating, if you eat alot, the size of your butt will increase and tone, if you eat at a deficit then you will just tone.  I don’t understand the fourth question.  And I recommend doing it 3x a day, 3x a week.

I hope that everyone who sent in questions had their question answered.  If you would like to be apart of this new segment on my blog, send your questions to my email(, my facebook page, or my twitter.  Just use the hashtag #askthehautebunny on all social media platforms.  Also make sure to go through my blog and comments on the post because you might find your answer there.  You can also ask questions as comments on this post.  Hope to hear from you guys soon!

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