Back to School Fashion 2012

School starts soon for me so I thought I’d do a post on how dress for back to school.   I included 3 outfits featuring denim shorts, capris, and a dress.  Hope you guys like and tell me if you use one of these for back to school!

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Beach Body Bootcamp: Final Weigh In

This is the last post in the Beach Body Bootcamp Challenge!  This was like a huge part of me for the last 10 weeks.  Now for the last weigh in and measurements.(end date changed to August 10, 2012)

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Fashion and Makeup for a Quinceañera Guest

Last week I was searching the internet trying to find out what to wear for a Quinceañera but had very little luck.  I took some of the basic tips that I found and transformed them  into my own style.  The Quinceañera I’m going to is in the early fall (September) so all the outfits will reflect the what I think I would be appropriate in that kind of weather.  I have also included a simple makeup look for the party at night.

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