Summer Beauty 101

The summer is upon us and the heat is making us sweat.  We cringe at the thought of our makeup melting off in the heat.  Well I have a few beauty tips and tricks I’ve learned that are sure to make this summer a great one.

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Beach Body Bootcamp: 3rd Weigh In and Next Weeks Schedule

Above is my workout plan for the next 4 weeks to get super hot but links and lists can be found in this post.  I also went  shopping today and it was awesome!  I bought so much stuff and did not at all stick to the plan.  But I bought so much cute stuff and will post all of it tomorrow.  A sneak peak picture can be found here: Continue reading

Ways to Style Lace + 9 Outfits

Lace is a huge trends this summer.  It can be worn so many different ways.  I love lace and plan on buying a lace dress for vacation this year.   I can also wear this dress in the winter because it’s so very versatile.  I styled lace dresses, shorts and shirts for you guys in this post.

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