C’mon Let Me Ride Your Bicycle

I know that song is inappropriate but whenever I think of bicycles, I think of that song.  It’s catchy and poppy and it has Eminem in it!  Now to the actual post, what do you wear on bike?  Actually, better yet, what do you wear around a bicycle?  When thinking of ideas for the most recent IFB project, I came up with three outfits from the inspiration photos listed below.

The Vintage Flirt

I am so in love with this outfit mainly because its so vintage and old timey.  When I think of riding bikes, my mind always goes to a girl in a puffy dress riding on the handlebars as someone peddles her down a hill.  I know, I know cheesy but I love it.  This look includes a floral halter dress, mary jane pumps w/ a bow detailing, and a gold choker.  For makeup, I love the bronzy gold eye with a classic red lip.  For hair, a nice updo will give it a more classic feel with sexy red nails to complete the look.

Boho Beauty

This outfit is a lot more functional than the first.  Shorts mean you can ride the bike without the fear of flashing everyone.  And oxfords mean you can put your feet in the peddles easier.  The simple white crop top, distressed high waisted shorts and floral scarf give a laid back look.  For hair, I love the flowing waves and white turban which gives the look a true boho feel.  Complete the outfit with pale pink nails, a gold bracelet and a brown over the shoulder bag.

Floral Cutie

This outfit is very functional and adorable.  So colorful and summery and most of all comfy.  All I can imagine is biking down the street with my backpack on going anywhere and everywhere.  The floral romper with a chambray denim shirt and gladiator sandals give a chill vibe while riding to work/camp.  For makeup, the simpler the better, add a rosy pink lip to make your face pop.  Finish the look with a heart locket and brown backpack.

Inspiration Photos

Summer is the time to save gas and get fit.  Biking the perfect way to do both in a safe and easy manner.  Which look is you favorite(use the poll!)?  And what other looks to you have in mind?

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