OOTD + I ran 5 mi!! + Half Marathon?

Loved my outfit for today!  I was a skater girl.  I wore a navy blue hollister sweatshirt, a gray cami, a purple/blue/pink shirt, blue jeans and my new DCs(got them in November but first time wearing them).   I love how simple and comfortable this outfit is but still remains cute.

On another note, this past weekend I ran 5 miles straight!!  Such a huge accomplishment for someone who could barely run 1 mile.  I’m also planning on running a 5k on February 9 to kinda of do a time check and see where I’m at pace wise outdoors.  This will also help determine a goal time for a half marathon I’m thinking about doing.  I found one mid-May that I think I want to train for.  I’d have to start training the last week of February and am thinking about chronicling it on this blog.  What do you guys think?

Have any of you guys ran a half marathon before?  Do any of you plan on it?  What was your experience like?


Quick Style Tip: Under Camis!

When wearing sweaters in the winter, you may sometimes get what I call a draft when lifting your arms or moving around alot.  I have found the perfect way to combat this.  Try wearing a camisole under your sweaters!  Tuck it into your pants and you kill two birds with one stone, no sees your panties(I see London I see France) and you keep warm all day, even when moving around alot.

Celeb Inspiration: Lana Del Rey(Makeup Tutorial+3 Style Guides)

I honestly love Lana Del Rey with all my heart.  Her music is fantastic(listening to Born to Die:Paradise Edition now) and her style and makeup are beautiful.  Here are tons of pictures, a makeup tutorial for her main look and 3 style guides: Continue reading

OOTD + So cold!!!

Today I loved my outfit!  It was a long white shirt, white camisole, black leggings, black infinity scarf, and my new boots!  Today was also like 10 degrees out and I ended up wearing a sweatshirt in class and took it off as I was walking down the hallway.

Philipp Plein Fall/Winter 2013 Menswear

Let me start off this post saying that I don’t really follow menswear.  I usually don’t find it very interesting and like women’s fashion so much better.  But I have to say that Philipp Plein is officially one of my favorite designers.  His designs are very out there and eccentric but I loved the theme of his fall/winter 2013 collection.  It was mismatched but it all came together.  I also have to say that when watching this collection the runway on youtube I was weirded out at first but as the looks came out I began to love it more and more.  Here is the entire collection on the runway and here is a full slideshow of the looks.  Here are some of my favorite looks:

Continue reading

Styling Assignment #2: Strength

This is the 2nd styling assignment!  The theme was strength and I think I managed to capture it.  When I think of strength, I think of physical strength, mental strength, the ability to ask for help, overcoming adversity and eating disorders.  I also think of the Women’s March on Versailles which is, if you don’t know, when women marched to the Palace of Versailles to talk to King Louis XVI and get bread for their starving children.  The inspiration for this assignment came from MAC Cosmetics Strength line where they have a female bikini competitor in gorgeous makeup and a dress.  I just love that they are glorifying women being strong and showing that having muscles is beautiful.   Continue reading