Half Marathon Training: 1 Weeks To Go!

This week was insane for me.  A combination of homework insanity, AP studying and allergies led to a pretty low mileage week.  I’m really nervous  and I cannot believe that race day is so soon.  I feel unprepared but my goal is to finish.  Whether there’s walking involved or not, I will get that medal and wear it proudly.  Here is my training schedule from this past week: 

Monday: 10 x 400 pace ->4 x 400 pace(bad shin splints)

Tuesday: Interval Training/Cross Training

Wednesday: 3 mi

Thursday: 3 mi

Friday: Rest

Saturday: 6-10 mi

Sunday: Rest

So race week is here.  I have a pretty chill mileage week that will be filled with healthy eating and lots and lots of water.  I will be picking up my race packet and having APs most likely on the same day.  I’m prepared for a stress filled week with lots of insanity.  Wish me luck!  Here is my training schedule for this coming week:

Monday: 5 x 400 pace

Tuesday: Interval Training/Cross Training

Wednesday: Rest(APs)

Thursday: 3 mi

Friday: Yoga/Rest

Saturday: Yoga/Rest

Sunday: RACE!!!!

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