Back to School Fashion 2012

School starts soon for me so I thought I’d do a post on how dress for back to school.   I included 3 outfits featuring denim shorts, capris, and a dress.  Hope you guys like and tell me if you use one of these for back to school!

1. Denim Shorts

I’m sure you were living in these this summer so why not bring them to school.  By wearing these compression shorts(or sliders as I like to call them) you can make them long enough to pass your schools dress code.  I paired it with a cute peper pan collar top(so in season right now) and some black gladiators for a nice laid back look.

2. Capris

Carpris are great for school because they will pass most school dress codes.  I paired them with a cute peplum top(another in season style), a blazer(just in case it gets cold) and a pair of black flats.

3. Dress

Dresses are awesome for giving you that cute preppy look.  I paired this one with a denim jacket and white flats.  P.S. I have this dress with white leaves and it is so cute!

7 thoughts on “Back to School Fashion 2012

  1. I really loved these looks, especially the one with the coral peplum top! There are so many back to school trends for 2012 but you listed one of the most important pieces- denim!! If you’re open to another essential (which I have in my mind) I would love to exchange some ideas with you to add to this list. Not everyone is back to school yet!

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