Half Marathon Training: 3 Weeks To Go!

Such a bad training week.  Was incredibly stressed from school(AP’s are coming up) and just couldn’t find the motivation to run.  This coming week I’ll be focused on balancing my eating, working out and school while keeping sane.  Here was my schedule for this past week:

Monday: 9 x 400 5k pace->3×400 then walk

Tuesday: Interval Training

Wednesday: 4-5 mi

Thursday: 3 mi

Friday: Rest/Cross Training

Saturday: 11 mi

Sunday: Rest

This week is action backed and will be my last week with a long run before the big race.  I’m also signing up for the race this week and deciding on what to wear.  Here is my schedule for this week:

Monday: 9×400 pace

Tuesday: Interval Training

Wednesday: 4 mi

Thursday: 3 mi

Friday: Rest

Saturday: 10 mi

Sunday: Rest

2 thoughts on “Half Marathon Training: 3 Weeks To Go!

  1. Hey so I started doing squats two weeks ago but now someone told me that it’s not going to work and that I wont get the butt that I want if i don’t use weights :/ And I’m young (15) so i don’t want to use weights now, is my work for nothing then and is that true what my friend told me?

    • Squats are good at any age with weight or without. You are not too young to start lifting weight and you will get better results with weights but doing some without will help as well.

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