Life Update

I know I’ve been MIA with posts other than Half Marathon training  and I am so sorry.  My life has been hectic lately with APs and the half marathon and school.  I’ve been really overwhelmed and had no time to anything but study and workout.  Now I’m alittle better off because APs are over and my classes are starting to warm down in preparation for finals.  This means that I’ll have more time to post!  My creative juices have began to flow and I have so many ideas.  I’m also planning a huge summer haul so watch out for a twofer post, one about how to shop smart and one with everything I bought.  I’m planning to go to a Goodwill for the first time ever and plan on buying a ton of cheap stuff and DIY a ton of it.  I’ve been watching youtube videos and have tons of inspiration. Continue reading

Half Marathon Training: 2 Weeks To Go!

This quote completely represents my long from this weekend.  I just could not hit 10 mi but even though I had to walk for the last mi, I just kept telling myself that as long as I kept moving, I would finish.  I think that’s gonna be my motto for the half.  I may not be the fastest but I will finish.  I also tried out my peanut butter gel during the long run and it tasted pretty good but did nothing for energy so I might have to take it a bit earlier on race day.  I cannot believe that the half is only 2 weeks away.  Time just flew by.  Here was my training schedule for this past week:  Continue reading

Half Marathon Training: 3 Weeks To Go!

Such a bad training week.  Was incredibly stressed from school(AP’s are coming up) and just couldn’t find the motivation to run.  This coming week I’ll be focused on balancing my eating, working out and school while keeping sane.  Here was my schedule for this past week: Continue reading

Half Marathon Training: 4 Weeks To Go!

This week was so much better than last week!  Didn’t skip one run.  The counter on my blog has also started posting days!  This is super exciting and super terrifying at the same time.  I can’t wait to run it but I’m super nervous.  I also PR at my 5k which was absolutely awesome.  Here was my schedule for this week:

PS I’ve also been super busy lately so I’m sorry for the sparse posts.   Continue reading

Half Marathon Training: 6 Weeks To Go!

This week had so good day and some bad days.  I manged to get a sub 1 hr time on my 10k!!!(recap coming soon)  Which was super duper exciting.  I also loved the interval workout I did.  The bad(or not so good day) was when I decided to run home with a heavy backpack and ended up walking about 6 mi home.  It was not very fun and the whole time I wished I would have just done another interval workout on the treadmill.  But I’m happy I did it although I will never do it again.  I also halfway through training!!!  Woo-hoo!!  Here was my training schedule for this week: Continue reading

Half Marathon Training: 8 Weeks To Go!

This training week was not very good.  I only workouted/ran once this week and I’m disappointed in myself.  My diet has also not been on point in months and I really need to fix that.  I thought Beach Body Bootcamp would spark a drive in me, but it hasn’t.  I need to decide to be healthy and go through with it.  I know my body is getting doughier and I hate it.  I looked at pictures of me from October and I want to get back there.  This week I will be focusing on cleaning up my diet and exercising more.  I will also be trying out fuel during my long run which I am scared and excited about.  I thank those who gave me tips on a previous post because that’s helping me choose which type of fuel I want to try first.  Here’s my failure of this past week:

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Half Marathon Training: 9 Weeks to Go!

It is so weird to see only single digits left.  I’m slowly getting more and more excited for the race.  This week I’m gonna start thinking about my costume.  I know it’s a superhero race but I kinda want to dress like someone from Doctor Who because I consider them superheros.  On that note, who is your favorite superhero?  I would love suggestions.  This week I also had like one of my worst 3 mi runs.  I had terrible shin splints and I had to stop once because an old lady asked for directions.  But also, my 10k was awesome!(more detailed account tomorrow)  I also hit 102 mi for this year this week!!!  So excited.  I don’t have a mileage goal for 2013 but it’s still nice to see how far I’m come.  Here was my schedule for this week: Continue reading

Half Marathon Training: 10 Weeks to Go!

This week held alot of uncertainty and realization.  I got a blister that became inflamed and was very very painful.  It hurt to walk and I decided to skip my Thursday  run and started to freak out and think that I couldn’t possibly prepare for a half marathon.  But I continued to tell myself that it was okay to take a break if I was in pain.  And that it would only make it worse and I wouldn’t be able to run my long run this week if I attempted it.  I took my break and my long run for this week was amazing!  I ran for over an hour and I was able to breath great and my legs felt good.  And the best part was, I had no foot pain!   Here was my schedule for this week:

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