Tae Bo Review

A few weeks ago Tae Bo contacted me and asked me to do a product review.  I excitedly replied yes and they sent me a dvd, a tank top and a pair or shorts.  I saw Tae Bo on TV previously and had wanted to try it but just never could get my hands on a DVD.  I am happy to say I enjoyed the DVD and got a good workout but there was also a variety of cons.  This is my first product review so bare with me and I will do a pros and cons list of all the products I received.

Tae Bo: Bootcamp Shred DVD


  • A very good workout! I worked up a huge sweat(I was slipping when trying to do moves on the floor) and was sore the day after I first did it.
  • An affordable price, only $9.99!
  • The people in the background are relatable.  Towards the end of the workout you see them tiring out and scrunching up their faces in pain.  It makes you feel so much better about sweating buckets.
  •  After doing it a second time, the moves become easier to follow and you feel really cool doing all the punch and kick combinations.
  • Works every part of the body.  You work the arms, chest, abs, butt and legs with the variety of combinations.
  • Very much like Insanity without the HIIT and with kickboxing instead.


  • Billy Blanks is not my favorite trainer.  He is very forceful and kinda on the mean side but you know he wants the best for you.  There is this one guy in the back named Charlie and he continually picks on him and it upset me.
  • It hard to follow along with some of the moves because they are taught quickly.
  • Not good if you have bad knees.
  • He also doesn’t do every move on both sides and I can’t tell you if you do an equal number of reps on both side because he moves so fast.

Tip: Watch the video before you try it.  You will kind of know the moves and be less surprised when you start.

Tank Top


  • Super comfy!  It feels like your wearing nothing and it’s so soft.
  • The arm holes are high enough to not show your bra and low enough to be comfortable.


  • It’s really expensive at $40.



  • So comfy!!!!  There’s some spandex in them so they stretch but they don’t squeeze and cling.
  • Can roll the waistband down if you want them shorter.


  • If you think $25 is expensive then that’s a con.

Final Review

The DVD gives you an awesome workout and it is so much better the second time around.  I’ll probably do it again but it’s not my favorite workout.  I love the clothing and plan on wearing it alot.

Would I recommend it?

I would recommend getting the DVD because it is a good workout.  I would love to recommend the tank top but I wouldn’t personally spend $40 on a tank top.  I would recommend the shorts because I think there pretty reasonably priced.

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